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Fuel for Young Athletes: Essential foods and fluids for future champions

The first few minutes after a workout is the most important and underrated part of training!!

-- BUY NOW to find out more training and competition secrets for fueling teenage athletes.

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$17.95 - an investment to increase your performance

Fuel for Young Athletes

Included are actual recipes for quick meals. Great for the whole family!!

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Book Details

Young athletes need more than practice to succeed in sport. They need a proper diet that will leave them energized and able to perform their best throughout the entire game.

Whether you’re a coach, parent, or nutritionist, you can help young athletes fuel for energy, development, and performance through the sound nutritional guidelines presented in
Fuel for Young Athletes.

See results in your training immediately by following these research based principles of sports nutrition Ann describes in an easy to understand format.

Ann covers topics every parent of an athlete has questions about: food plans, fluids, safe weight gain and loss, recipes, eating out, eating disorders and game day eating.

This book will not stay on your bookshelf! It will go with you to and from practice and games as a handy reference guide.

Table of Contents

Topics cover energy needs of 11 different sports, supplements, weight gain and loss and much, much more.

Chapter 1: Food Functions for Developing Athletes
Chapter 2: Nutritional Essentials for Sports
Chapter 3: Fluids for Athletes
Chapter 4: Fuel for Muscle Development
Chapter 5: Eating for Endurance Training
Chapter 6: Tactics for Gaining Weight
Chapter 7: Lessons on Losing Weight
Chapter 8: Dietary Details for Specific Sports
Chapter 9: High-Performance Meal Planning
Chapter 10: Fast-Break Food Favorites
Chapter 11: Beyond the Standard Game Plan
Chapter 12: Special Nutritional Needs for Preadolescent Athletes
Chapter 13: Strategies for Overcoming Disordered Eating
Chapter 14: Championship-Winning Recipes for Young Athletes

Reader Comments
Here's what readers are saying about Fuel for Young Athletes...

  • "Fuel for Young Athletes provides a sound nutritional program that developing athletes can use to reach their full potential. Author Ann Litt’s practical advice factors in not just what foods are best for future sports stars, but also what teenagers like to eat. A valuable guide for young athletes, their coaches, and their parents!"

    Tim Flannery    Assistant director, National Federation of State High School Associations
  • “If you are a parent looking for food tips for your growing athletes, Ann Litt’s Fuel for Young Athletes will answer your questions and calm your concerns.”

Nancy Clark, MS, RD
Sports nutritionist and author of Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook

  • "This easy-to-understand, practical guide is a must read for all parents and young athletes. It provides sound sports nutrition information to optimally fuel the growing athlete’s body."

Mitzi Dulan, RD
Sports Nutrition Consultant, Kansas City Chiefs

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